Digilant: Above and beyond the data

Digital mosaic illustration for the"Above and Beyond Data" campaign for Digilant. Created by Charis Tsevis in collaboration with Crunch Brands.

Digilant is created to help agencies and brands utilize advertising technology and data to discover media opportunities. For Digilant's "Above and beyond data" advertising campaign I have created this series of mosaic portraits made out of icons. The project has been managed by Crunch Brands, a team of brand specialists from Boston, MA.

The illustrations:
A young smilling girl made out of icons for audio/video, computing, travelling, shopping, sports...
An middle age guy made out of icons for automotive, jewelery, banking, medicine, travel and shoping.
A smilling lady made out of icons for computing, telecoms, shoping, food and tv.
Digilant.com's frontpage.
The TVC.
Frames from the TVC.  
Digital illustration: Charis Tsevis, Athens
Art Direction: Crunch Branch, Boston.

Many thanks for Holy Smith, Oliver Olsson, Marc Ryan and Floyd Sipe.
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