The Emirates Air-Line "New Perspective" campaign

Mosaic illustrations for the "New Perspective" campaign of Emirates Airlines for the Emirates Air - Line in London.

The Emirates Air Line (also known as the Thames cable car) is a ten-minute (five minutes in rush hour) gondola lift link across the River Thames in London, England built by Transport for London with sponsorship from Emirates. Since the beginning of the summer of 2014 the cable cars of the Air Line are carrying the new Emirates creative. The campaign is focused on ‘seeing different perspectives’ as Emirates is supporting TfL to deliver an innovative method of transport and a previously unseen view of London. The creative is designed to link the Emirates network to the sponsorship of the Air Line. Geometry Global asked me to create 38 mosaics for this campaign. For every destination we used several hundreds of different views of the same landmark.
The mosaics
38 mosaics for 38 Emirates destinations all over the world.
Dubai, UAE (Click to enlarge)
Dubai, UAE (Click to enlarge)
Dubai, UAE (Click to enlarge)
New York City, USA (Click to enlarge)
Los Angeles, USA
San Francisco, USA (Click to enlarge)
Brisbane, Australia (Click to enlarge)
Sidney, Australia (Click to enlarge)
Sidney, Australia (Click to enlarge)
Adelaide, Australia (Click to enlarge)
Melbourne, Australia (Click to enlarge)
Perth, Australia (Click to enlarge)
Nairobi, Kenya (Click to enlarge)
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (Click to enlarge)
Johannesburg, South Africa (Click to enlarge)
Cape Town, South Africa (Click to enlarge)
Mauritius (Click to enlarge)
Seychelles (Click to enlarge)
Maldives (Click to enlarge)
Phuket, Thailand (Click to enlarge)
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (Click to enlarge)
Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka (Click to enlarge)
Oman (Click to enlarge)
Christchurch, New Zealand (Click to enlarge)
Auckland, New Zealand (Click to enlarge)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Click to enlarge)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (Click to enlarge)
Mumbai, India (Click to enlarge)
New Delhi, India (Click to enlarge)
Bangkok, Thailand (Click to enlarge)
The Great Wall, China (Click to enlarge)
Hong Kong (Click to enlarge)
Taipei, Taiwan (Click to enlarge)
Tokyo, Japan (Click to enlarge)
Singapore (Click to enlarge)
Kuala Lumbur, Malaysia (Click to enlarge)
London, UK (Click to enlarge)
London, UK (Click to enlarge)
The layouts:
Here are the applications.
The Emirates Air-Line
And some photos of the Air-Line
Illustrations: Charis Tsevis
Art Direction, Layout, Campaign management: Geometry Global
Many many thanks to Eve Campbell, Callum Procter and Andy Pugh @ Geometry Global.
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