Design Walk has become one of the most important exhibitions inGreece concerning graphic design. Each year several design agencies orcreative teams, open their doors to the public for three days,showcasing their work.

This year, double deckerfrom London, were asked to organize the whole event by challenging 13Graphic Design Studios to create a piece of work inspired by thecontradictions / oppositions with which every designer has to deal.

Indyvisuals had to deal with the digital vs analog contradiction andthe truth is that we were delighted as almost everything we do combinesboth technologies and creative processes. So what we finally ended upto, was to invite a really good friend of ours, famous for his workmaking digital mosaics and invert the whole process. Charis Tseviswas given the symbols as well as the final photo we wanted to use, didhis magic and gave us the final piece which consisted of 3 differentsized square pieces and 58 varieties of color and size combinations.All this on a 6×2,5m canvas made of 120 columns and 50 rows of a 5×5pixel grid.

The pieces were digitally printed and glued on our studio wall during a3-day rush, having a large amount of beers, take away food and lots offun. Along with the mural-mosaic-installation we came up with somecanvasses, a skull made out of pins and a junkyard printer made out ofwhatever we could find in our studio.

Photos by skammasMusic on video: Sure Shot / Beastie Boys

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